Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Driving traffic to your website is only a portion of what is required to create successful online marketing campaigns. It’s not enough to just “count hits” each month. It’s about measuring & analyzing the data. We use Analytics to determine how visitors are getting to your site & how they interact with your content. We ask ourselves a few simple questions to get started.

“How does traffic reach the website?”

Knowing which traffic sources are bringing visitors to your website, we then ask;

“what is the bounce rate of each of these sources?”

“Which pages do people enter on?”

“What pages do they visit next?”

“Which page do most people exit this website?”

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We use these questions & the data in Google Analytics to determine how users engage with our customer’s website. Knowing this is essential. Why drive traffic to a website that no one navigates? Rather, fix the issues which may be causing this abandonment of action. Once fixed, we can look at setting up goals & conversion tracking within Google Analytics & even within Google AdWords. Again, tracking is key. We will setup specific check points that will trigger goal completions. These can be things like, a specific amount of time on site or page views. Others can be website registrations, app downloads or purchases. The point to all of this is to find where your valuable traffic comes from & who they are. Then we create and implement marketing strategies to each similar demographics.  Get Setup Today!

Online Marketing Services

“What If I Already Use You For Marketing”

If you’re one of our customers and would like a Google Analytics account created, no worries, it’s free. Chances are, we’ve already done it. If not, we’ll set it up and even provide detailed instructions on how to install the code within your website. If you have a webmaster, we can work with them to make sure you’re able to track all of your Key Performance Indicators. We are committed to helping our clients understand their marketing as much as they’d like to. Some just rather have it done while others want to know how it’s done. Either way, we have you covered.

“What If I’m Not Your Customer, But I Want To Know How Visitors Navigate My Website?”

If you already have Google Analytics installed and have been collecting data, let us analyze it for you. We charge $60 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. You’ll get a detailed report on how your traffic navigates your website and what could be done if anything, to help keep visitors engaged longer and completion those ever important conversion actions.

Need Google Analytics created? No problem, we’ll charge a one time fee to set it up and provide you with the code & installation instructions. Create Me An Account