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Regal Ad Management was formed in 2015 and offers unmatched experience and professionalism. Our people train daily to be on top of the ever changing world of online marketing. It’s our hope that you will see very quickly why Regal Ad Management is a step above the rest.

Jason’s Bio

Jason Cooper is the founder of Regal Ad Management. Mr. Cooper has years of experience marketing businesses of all types and sizes and hands down that knowledge to all of his team members. It’s his goal to not just provide you with a service, but to educate you on the process along the way. Jason realizes that the success of Regal Ad Management is solely based on the success of his clients, and makes your business the focal point of his business. While Mr. Cooper excels at marketing for eCommerce & service industries, he can provide you with the expertise needed to make the most of any online marketing campaign, in an ethical and transparent manner. Jason@RegalAdManagement.com

From Jason Cooper:

“I appreciate every client that we have. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending our minimum or our maximum, every client is important, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that is how you feel.”

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Vanessa’s Bio


Vanessa Mulligan brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to our team. Offering over ten years in online sales & marketing, Vanessa works with some of the biggest names in real estate and has developed a reputation as a virtuoso when it comes to real estate marketing online. She is recognized as having one of the best client retention ratios for any online marketers anywhere. Regal Ad Management is proud to have Vanessa as part of our “A” team, and you will be just as happy working with her. Email Vanessa today to learn how she can help you! Rest assured, Vanessa is the ONLY Mulligan you’ll need. Vanessa@RegalAdManagement.com

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Jenifer Algeciras: 

Phone: 971-803-7941

Email: Jen@RegalAdManagement.com

Rob McCarthy:

Phone: 971-888-5965

Email: Rob@RegalAdManagement.com


Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most from online marketing. Whether it’s AdWords, Bing & Yahoo, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising Or Website Design. We can take care of all of your online marketing needs. Contact Us


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goo.gl/QXQ6X3 Advertising on Twitter has been surprisingly effective. Especially for brands & products. Increase brand awareness, grow your following & get people talking about you. Think about it. Almost anyone who is a success, is on Twitter. Let us get you there.

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It's A Mobile World Out There. Is Your Marketing Geared To Reach Your Customers Where They Always Are? On Their Mobile Devices. We Optimize Our Client's Campaigns For All Devices With Emphasis On Mobile. #AdWords #GoogleSearch #MobileTargeting #CrossDeviceConversions #FacebookLocal #MobileMarketing